Bevee was designed to carry you through life, no matter what hat you're wearing.

Coffee Runs

We have all been there, thinking that picking up coffee for the office or friends is a small task, only to leave the coffee shop trying to juggle flimsy drink carries, car keys, and then next thing you know-half your coffee order is on the floor. Thanks to bevee, coffee runs are a breeze due to our secure silicone inserts and single grip carrier.

Summer Fun

 Goodbye are the days of having to lug a huge cooler to the pool for your summertime drinks. Bevee allows you to carry all your drink needs, no matter the drink order.

Serving/Restaurants Ask any server, and they will tell you that navigating multiple drink orders with an oversize tray in a crowded dining room is not ideal. One wrong turn or slip and you are left with half of your order on the floor and some unhappy customers. Thanks to bevee, you can easily carry up to 12 drinks to your guests in one hand while offering a friendly hello with the other.


 The team won't be the only one people are cheering for when you show up to your next tailgate with bevee. She makes for the perfect 12 pack, as she is easily carried with everyone's drink order at your next tailgating event.

Delivery Driver

 When customers order food for delivery, they are hoping their drinks not only come on time, but also in one piece. Bevee does exactly that- secures drink orders so they end up in the customer's hand, not the driver's floorboards. Not only does bevee make one happy customer, but also makes the driver's life easier with less trips and zero spills.

Mom On The Go

 It's true what they say that mom's are truly superheroes. But even moms need a hand lended to them-and bevee does just that. Bevee allows you to carry all your drinks to the soccer game, pool, or park while carrying your child in the other.

Holiday Party

 Bevee is the life of the party and a guaranteed good time at your next holiday party. Instead of crafting your drinks upon arrival, craft them at home and walk into your gathering in style with all drinks secured and ready to be enjoyed.